Lasergame at Laserland - Almere - The Netherlands

Gladiator Sports introduces the CRAZY LASERLAND Kids Party. We offer your child a challenging and spectacular Birthday Party without the risk of the bruises which can occur with Paintball. The Crazy Laserland Kids Party is a NEW Sporting Outdoor Lasergame especially for kids in the age of 8.

Crazy Laserland arrangements:

CrazyKids Alfa 2 hour party time

20,00 p.p.

Additional to the arrangement, €.1,- (obligated)

Ask for our special school/sporting club rates

Extra feestelijke mogelijkheden:

Unlimeted Lemonade

1,00 p.p.

Hot chocolate milk ( one cup )

1,00 p.p.

Crazy Snackpack

3,00 p.p.

(Includes can of soda, candy bar and a bag of chips)

Crazy Kids Burger

4,00 p.p

(Includes a hamburger and a can of soda (of your choice)

Crazy Kids Menu

5,00 p.p

(Includes a hamburger with fries and a can of soda (of your choice)

What is Crazy Laserland Kids party?

You will be given a camouflaged suit , an ultra modern lasergun and a bush hat with laser detector . After briefing about the equipment and the given quest, the game will begin. Playing laser game without the bruises of paintball, good visibility and no extra charges for ammo and Loads of Fun.




Nice reminders:

Crazy Bushat

€ 5,00 p.p.

Crazy Army-cap

€ 5,00 p.p.


Lasergame uitnodiging

A minimum of 6 lasergame participants is needed to make a reservation.
From 15 participants on , you will play private.

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